Troia Chess Set


Troia Chess Set

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Roll Chess Set

Chess, which helps our children to act in a planned way, think fast, correct and quickly, also affects and improves personality and character positively.

Our children will learn to be confident with the School Special Chess Set and help them make the right decisions individually. Special Chess Team for Schools will teach in an applied way how to not be afraid of failures and the necessity of working hard for success.

You can carry it wherever you want with its portable carrying bag; At school, at home, you can both improve your intelligence and have fun.

Product Dimensions Carrying Case
Roll Diameter: 95 mm
Roll Length: 425 mm
King Height: 72 mm
Stone Weight: 150 gr

Package Included
1 Chess Playground: 1st Quality Impertex
16 Black Chess Game Pawns
16 Gray Chess Game Pawns
1 Carrying Case

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