Memory Vehicles Card 48pcs


Memory Vehicles Card 48pcs

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1st Class Paperboard

48 Cards (24x2 Matching Cards)

Card Size: 7x7 cm

Box Size: 22,5x20x6 cm

Hand-eye Coordination
Understanding the Part-Whole Relationship
Small Muscle Development
Social Cohesion
Classification - Sorting
Problem solving

The memory game requires concentration, attention and visual memory. If you're ready for the exciting card-matching hunt where small players can take down the big ones, get started right away.

The purpose of the game
Trying to match the most cards. The one with the most pairs at the end of the game wins the game.

Beginning of the Game
Cards are shuffled face down with the picture surfaces down. Cards can be arranged in a square or rectangular shape with a space between them. Cards should not be moved after they have been lined up.

Who Starts the Game?
The youngest player starts the game, the players sit around the cards clockwise.

Memory Game How to Play?
The next player turns over 2 cards where they want. If the cards are the same, he takes 2 cards next to him and opens 2 more cards. The game goes on like this. Players try to remember the mismatched cards, trying to remember the positions of the cards opened before the next round, the cards are turned off after everyone has seen them. Cards that have been closed again must not be moved.

The Game Prohibited
When a player reveals 2 mismatched cards, he cannot reveal a third card whose location he knows, he has to wait until his turn comes again. Unpaired cards need to be turned off after making sure that other players have seen them.

End of the Game
The game is over when the last cards in the game are matched. To find the winner, whoever has more double cards next wins the game. In the event of a tie, the player who finds the most pairs in the next round wins.

In the first games, considering the age and skill of the players, it can be started with less cards and the number of cards can be increased in the next round.

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