Memory Cards - Mixed 48pcs


Memory Cards - Mixed 48pcs

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Mind Game Play:

The mind game can be played alone or with 2,3 or more people. It consists of 24 pairs of cards. In other words, there are 48 cards in total in the box. Before starting the game, all cards are placed on a flat surface, with their pictorial side down.

As the players turn, they turn 2 cards in a row and try to find identical cards that are identical to each other.

If the opened cards are identical, the player wins and takes these two cards from the floor. He continues the game to match new cards. And he reveals two more cards again. He continues the game as long as he finds his wife. If the opened cards are not the same, they are turned over again and the turn passes to the other player. The game continues in this way until the cards are over. The one who manages to match the most cards wins the game.

Note: Card numbers can be reduced until you master the game. For small players with very short attention spans yet; For example, you can start with 4 cards or 8 cards. The number of cards can be increased as the child masters the game.


With Mind Game

While trying to match the cards; Hand and Eye Coordination (Psychomotor development)

While placing the cards in memory; Matching, Sequencing (Cognitive development)

Understanding and expressing the names, shapes and sizes of opened cards (Linguistic development)

When played with the family or in a group, it supports the development of communication and Sharing (Social and Emotional development) skills.

It provides quality time together for both children and adults.

Strengthens children's logical thinking and reasoning abilities.

It helps them strengthen their attention and concentration. It strengthens their memory. It teaches to work patiently and to develop different alternatives to achieve results.


Card Size: 7 x 7 cm.

Box size: 22.5 x 6 x 20 cm.

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