Bath Time For Newborn Babies

Jan 28 , 2021


Bahadir Dincel

Bath Time For Newborn Babies

Bathtime for newborn babies

Baby bath time is one of the most fun times that new parents get to experience with their little one. All the smells, the creams and the toys and of course the newborns first smile is priceless as it gives you a glimpse of what the baby's first few months are like. It is also important to note that when your baby is young he will not be able to communicate his needs to you or anyone else. So make sure to take him to the bath right after he wakes up from his nap time because by that time he should be able to figure out what is what.

Now, when it comes to bathing your baby, the usual rule is to use warm water and a soft brush. This will ensure that your baby is safe and that he gets rids of any soap residue that can cause him any harm when bathing. Also, it is important to note that babies have very sensitive skin and that any kind of discomfort they experience during their bath is almost always due to the fact that their skin is still very delicate. So always make sure to gently massage your baby's body to get rid of any grime and oils that might be stuck on his skin. Make sure you rinse your baby off thoroughly before you put him back into the water so that you do not end up scalding him or giving him any possible way of slipping into the water. If you notice that your baby is having any trouble in any way, try to stop bathing and giving them some time to calm down.

During the process of bathing your baby you need to focus on his comfort. Never pull your baby into the water even if there is an adult that is standing next to you. While many people do this they actually are causing your baby more harm than good. Try placing your baby in your lap and gently washing him, this will calm your baby down and you will have a better chance of keeping him from moving too much.

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Babies hate the feel of water and will most often resist any attempts at being bathed. This is because the closer water gets to their skin the more uncomfortable they become. So try to keep the water at a distance as far as possible, but still taking your baby in and out of the water. You don't want to get your baby wet, but you also don't want to leave him completely dry. If you know your baby enjoys swimming then by all means introduce him to it, if he doesn't like water then maybe a bath chair will work.

Babies will typically resist any other type of bath time for new born babies, however if you give them one toy they will enjoy it more. The best way to get them to accept baths is by holding them in your arms and talking to them. Also, when they are holding your hand or holding your baby then the baby will associate these actions with safety and security and those are the two things that your baby needs in his early years. Try holding the baby by his blanket or any soft cloth as this also helps to desensitize the child to the feeling of being held. Your baby will need to be held for longer periods at a time, as he will get used to the feel of being held and will not mind it as much once he has longer.
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Once your baby is holding his head up well and is able to keep himself dry for an extended period then you can begin trying to bath him. Some babies will start to fall asleep during the bath process, however be patient and continue to bathe him for just a couple minutes at a time. When bath time comes for newborn babies, you may find that the older babies have taken over the bathing duties. New born babies will generally fall asleep during the process, but you may need to get them in a sitz bath (bathtub) or even lie down in a wrap.

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